Fighting violence against street kids should be everybody’s responsibility

Arikidiyosezi Gatolika ya Kigali
Society is called upon preventing violence against street Kids

Society is called upon preventing violence against street kids, in order to protect them and respecting their rights.

Street kids, throughout their testimonies, say that they undergo violence especially to little girls and boys. They are sometimes raped and often tempted by grown-ups who give them food, clothes, and some other gifts to have sex.

19 years old Amina Niwemugeni, says she most of time face that challenge of people tempting to rape her, before being rescued by other street kids.

In order to assure her security, she says she no longer walk alone because she cannot fight against people tempting to rape her.

“We join our efforts so that we can help one of us who is in danger. This is the reason why we never walk alone” she says.

Niwemugeni says that the violence she undergoes comes from normal people, but some other street kids say that they also undergo violence from their fellows, especially when they are starting their life on street.

Antoine Turikumwe who operates in an area locally known as “Kwa Mutangana” says that his life on the street was tough at the beginning. He usually met normal people who bet him thinking he was a robber, and his fellows bet him bet him because they were using drugs.

“We also make violence to each other. The one who is physically powerful may beat you or take your food and other stuffs against your will” he says.

He adds that the violence against street kids is mainly based at the fact that street kids are considered as threat in Rwandan society.

Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari Centre which rehabilitate street kids found out that violence is a one of the major problems that street kids face, because of their strange behaviours as most of them use drugs.

But those children’s behaviours should not be the reason explaining the violence they undergo, as it was stipulated in a meeting held by the Rwanda National Rehabilitation Services in 2018.

The meeting concluded that violence against street kids should stop and put in place programs to rehabilitate those children.

It was agreed that whoever would make violence against street kids should be reprimanded. 


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Byanditswe : tariki ya 13 Nzeli 2019 saa 16:37:25, ubu
Uwabitangaje : Umwanditsi Mukuru

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