Rehabilitating street kids must go hand in hand with finding solutions to family problems

Arikidiyosezi Gatolika ya Kigali
Domestic violence as one of the major problems which push children to street

Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari Centre says that taking care of streets kids ignoring their parents and relatives would not be a long lasting solution to street kids’ problem.

This centre indicates that street kids can change their mindset and leave the street, but whenever there are no solutions to problems of their families, they may decide to go back to street.

Caritas Kigali is partnering with the City of Kigali and the Rwanda National Rehabilitation Services (NRS) to rehabilitate street kids and mobilising families to prevent problems that push children to go to street, as the consequences are becoming major.

Street kids problem in the City of Kigali and other cities is most of time mentioned as one of the major problems that the government of Rwanda is facing.

It’s been 30 years since Caritas Kigali started fighting against this problem, but there still street kids in Rwanda’s different cities.

Mushashi Josiane, the coordinator of Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari Centre, says that street kids are still everywhere in those cities, because organisations taking care of street kids didn’t identify the roots of the problem during all of those 30 years.

She says that different organisations were helping and taking care of street kids without considering families of those kids.

It is five years now since Caritas Kigali started fighting against this problem in a new manner, mobilising parents to change their mindset regarding street kids’ problem.

“These 5 years efforts are likely to be productive more than those engaged in this problem since 30 years ago” says Mushashi

She adds that children can leave the street, study and develop themselves, but when their parents and relatives still have cheap mindset those children or their little brothers and sisters may end up on street.

Muhongayire Patricie, Vice Mayor in charge of social affairs in the City of Kigali, reminds parents that they the first responsible of their children discipline and education

She mentions domestic violence as one of the major problems which push children to street saying that they will keep mobilising parents to prevent those problems

“Domestic violence divide families, women leave their families, men become drinkers and children go to street” says Muhongayire

Muhangayire believes that keeping mobilisations aiming at reminding parents their responsibilities would put an end to street kids’ problem.

The City of Kigali is home to many of the street children from different districts all over the country.

During more than 30 years of its services, Caritas Kigali has rehabilitated more than 6000 street kids, some of them are serving in different institutions.

Caritas Kigali is still taking care of other 463 children, some of them are still in rehabilitation centres while others are studying in primary schools, High schools, Universities and in Technical and Vocational Training Education


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