Being raised in family is the foundation of Education

Arikidiyosezi Gatolika ya Kigali
children acquire the basic education and discipline within a families, and grow up with love from both parents and relatives

Raising children in families is one of the way to offer them basic education and discipline which enable them to become accountable people.

Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari Centre help  not only in taking care of former street kids, but also rehabilitating them in their families to acquire family education.

Rehabilitating children in their families is profitable to them as they acquire education from both parents and being raised with their relatives among other benefits.

“As families are foundation in providing education, it is better to rehabilitate street kids to be raised by their families for them to grow with discipline and good education” said Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, director of Caritas Kigali

Psychologist Jean Paul Ndayambaje followed street kids during seven months providing therapy services to them in order to change their mindset. He says that children raised by both parents differ in terms of behaviours from those who were not raised by their parents.

He adds that children acquire the basic education and discipline within a families, and grow up with love from both parents and relatives.

“Children who were not raised by both parents may grow up with discipline and performing better to school, but psychologically they lack many other things including joy and love from parents and relatives” says Ndayambaje.

Ndayambaje adds that it would be better for children to be raised in families with peace and love.

Abadacogora-Intwari Centre helps in mobilising families to change mindset and behaviour, and fight against problems that may push children to go to street. It also trains parents on project management and funds families’ projects to eradicate poverty in families – poverty being one of the causes of domestic violence which push children to go to street.

The rehabilitation process help children live securely and grow up with good education acquired from their parents

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