How should we help children addicted to drugs

Arikidiyosezi Gatolika ya Kigali
She urges everybody to take care of street children by providing moral support to them and sensitizing them to go back to school because they can change

Most of people consider children addicted to drugs as useless people who cannot change to become normal citizens. But they can change and contribute to the country’s development, whenever they get moral support.

Josiane Mushashi, the coordinator of Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari center which rehabilitate street children, says that they found out that most of the children the center rehabilitate arrive in the center being addicted to different types of drugs.

“We first of all listen to them for us to know the kind of drug they are addicted to, the time they started using those drugs and the effects of those drugs to each and every child” says Mushashi.

Mushashi says that some effects can be seen on the physical appearance of children, while others can be perceived through their behaviors.

The center help children by providing moral support to them and preventing them to any kind of temptation which may incite them to use drugs.

The time it take children to give up on drugs depend on the will of each child to give up on them. Mushashi adds that it also depend on the types of drugs they are addicted to, because cocaine and marijuana effects are perceived quickly than other drugs’ effects.

Most of children hosted in Abadacogora-Intwari center are addicted to glue that they breathe. The glue damages the brain, and children addicted to it always have small wounds, dry mouths and red eyes.

The only way to help them give up on that drug is to prevent them any possible contact with it.

There is no effects to a person who stops using it, while people addicted to marijuana suffer from problems including lack of appetite when they stop using it.

The coordinator of the center assures that such children change and give up on drugs whenever they are accompanied by mentors who help them change mindset and behaviors.

She urges everybody to take care of street children by providing moral support to them and sensitizing them to go back to school because they can change.

Mushashi adds that the center has hired a professional psychologist who help children addicted to drugs hosted by the center, in order to help them change behaviors.

Munezero (not his real name), one of former street children says his life on street was chaos because of drugs including glue that he was used to. He were sent to Iwawa rehabilitation where he acquired skills in carpentry and gave up on drugs.

This is one of the facts and testimonies proving that whenever they get moral support, children addicted to drugs change.


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