The children’s forum will limit the number of children going on street

Arikidiyosezi Gatolika ya Kigali
The forum convenes every Saturday when children are not on school

Caritas Kigali has launched the Children’s forum in Rilima sector, Bugesera district and Nduba in Gasabo district, after realizing that many street children comes from those sectors.

The research conducted in Kigali archdiocese’s parishes by Abadacogora-Intwari center in 2016, shows that most of the children who run away from their families are from Rilima and Nduba sectors.

“We commited ourselves to launch children’s forums in those two sectors to enrich them with skills that may help them and prevent them to go back on street”

The Research shows that 111 children in Nduba sector and 96 in Rilima went on street.

No single child from Karenge and Munyana sectors went on street. These sectors were pitched as example that it is possible to prevent children going on street.

Children in forums are urged to respect parents and meet most often to play together to prevent them thinking about going on street anymore.

Gilbert Munyampundu, 10, says the forum helps him to relax and retain his attention at the extent that he no longer think about anything which can incite him to go on street.

“They train us to many things including discipline, respect to parents, cleanliness on our bodies and at home, children’s rights, the bad effects of drugs and the way we can get rid of them” he says.

195 children including 70 girls from Rilima sector actively participate in the forum. The forum convenes every Saturday when children are not on school.


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