The UKAM project provided from 9th to 27th August 2016, goats to 250 beneficiaries who did not have goats at their homes, known as an integrated person and dynamic, able to build houses for goats and feed them, those who are not part of the microcredit group, not able to participate in vegetable garden and able to provide medicine to sick goats.

The beneficiaries who have not yet been given goats , will get them through the pass-on or rotation system from those who received them at the first time.

This activity took place in the Small-livestock Ruhuha market in Ruhuha sector/ Bugesera District. In order to fruitfully carry out this activity, there was a team that helped the beneficiaries to choose nice goats.

The team consisted of volunteers of Justice and Peace Commission of Ruhuha Parish, UKAM lead farmers, chiefs of the target villages, veterinary, UKAM field Staff officers.

The beneficiaries were urged to take extra care of the given goats and not attempt to sell them.

“You should feed them well, build appropriate houses, keep them in a safe place, and so forth. “,said the cell Executive secretaries while addressing their speeches.

Each beneficiary got at least two goats

Each of the concerned beneficiaries was free to choose 2 goats in the market. These beneficiaries took time to observe the goats and negotiate the price with the sellers but before paying, the whole team could agree or not according to the price, size and the quality of the goats.

When the whole did not accept, the beneficiary looked for other goats. The total amount of price of 2 goats was equivalent to every beneficiary in order to avoid any conflict or quarrel that would occur.

When coming up to the compliance, the names of each the sellers, his/her residency village and cell were all filled on the list with their identity card numbers respectively with the names of the buyers (UKAM beneficiaries).

This was to avoid whoever who can sell the stolen goat, and whenever this inconvenience could have occurred, it could become easier to find the one who sold that goat. It is also the reason why each purchased goat was given the earring that containing the code number in order to avoid any beneficiary who may pretend to sell the goats or being stolen however.

The beneficiaries who were given goats were extremely happy and said that they will speed up their food production.

“These goats will greatly help us concerning fertilizing our lands in order to have a good agricultural production as well as get some incomes so that we would buy other needed assets” they said.

United Kingdom Aid Match (UKAM) is the project which has the overall objective of improving the wellbeing of 2000 small-scale farmer households in 25 villages of DRC, Malawi and Rwanda through increased food and income security, enabling gender equality and resilience to climate change which is funded by Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) and Department for International Development (DFID) which is the official development agency of the Government of United Kingdom managing aid for the poor especially in developing countries.


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