Each family will be given 100.000Rwf to start small businesses which will generate money to solve families’ problems

Caritas Kigali in partnership with OKAPIA organization are about to support families whose children left schools to go on street. The support will be channeled through Abadacogora-Intwari center in a project called “Supporting families whose children left schools to start life on street”

Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, Director of Caritas Kigali says that the project aims at developing selected families whose children get support from Abadacogora-Intwari Center, but the most vulnerable families will have priority.

Providing support to those families, as indicates Father Twizeyumuremyi, will enable them to take care of their children, but the main target is to help families to fulfill children’s basic needs for them to go back to schools.

Each family will be given 100.000Rwf to start small businesses which will generate money to solve families’ problems.

The project will start providing support to 20 families, but as they will be paying back the money will be utilized by supporting more vulnerable families.

The beneficiary families met with Okapia staff who explained that the objective is to support families in order to find the basics for their children and send them back to school.

Parents were taken through different issues including rights for children, parents’ responsibilities and the way of dealing with domestic violence, working with financial institutions and starting small projects among other things.

Father Twizeyumuremyi adds that beneficiary families will not only get financial support to start businesses, but will also get business advisors to help them develop powerful strategies to increase their profits.

The money will paid back within 6months since the day each beneficiary started their business.

“Our support is not limited to providing money to those families, we also assist them providing them financial advisors to increase their profit for them to be able to develop themselves and take care of their children”

Beneficiaries says that they are happy with that support aiming at their development.

Karemera Hamiss, one of beneficiary parents has a child of 16 years old who were rehabilitated from street by Abadacogora-Intwari center in Rweu sector, Bugesera district.

He says his child ran away from his family because of poverty which prevented his father to fulfill the basic need for his two children.

“It was difficult to me to raise two children alone, as their mother left us a long time ago. But I hope that this support will enable me to raise them appropriately” Karemera says.

He says that he will resume the yielding and carpentry professions that he has been doing before, as he now has the means of working professionally.

Other beneficiary parents who will benefit from that support also say that they will do their best to use it appropriately to generate money which will enable them to develop themselves and pay school fees for their children.


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