All the parents who acquired that support have a common vision

Caritas of Kigali through its center “Abadacogora n’Intwari” in partnership with OKAPI organization, are planning to implement the project known as “Supporting families whose children left schools to go on street”

Father Twizeyumuremyi Donatien Director of Caritas Kigali, says the project aims to economically develop selected families whose children are benefiting support from Abadacogora n’Intwari Center.

He adds that by selecting those families priority is given to poor families.

Thanks to this project, according to Father Twizeyumuremyi, families will be able to take care of their children, and send them back to school to prepare a better future for them.

Each family will be given an amount of 100,000Rwf to start small business which will enable them to take care of family members.

For the first time, the project will support 20 families, but after developing themselves they will pay back the capital to help other poor families.

Those families held discussions with their sponsor (OKAPI Organisation) which highlighted that the support aims at helping families to take care of their children and sending them back to school.

The rights of children were also raised during those discussions.

Parents were reminded to be responsible, avoid conflicts in their families, join the informal credit and saving groups known as “Ibimina”, and working with financial institutions among others.

Father Twizeyumuremyi says that in addition to providing capital to those families, they will be assisted so that their projects can generate short-term benefits.

As beneficiaries are urged to look for a place in market, they are provided additional support of 30,000Rwf.

This amount will be paid back within six months counting from the day they started the business.

“Our services are not limited to providing capital to beneficiaries, we assist them and provide them pieces of advice on the way they should take care of their children and implement their project” said Father Twizeyumuremyi.

Selected families welcomed the support, and believe that it will help them to develop themselves, said Karemera Hamissi, whose 16 year old child was on street before being reintegrated by Abadacogora n’Intwari center located in Rweru, Bugesera district.

Hamisi says that his child went on street because of poverty in his family, as he couldn’t afford to raise two children alone.

“It was difficult for me to raise two children because their mother and us no longer live together. But I’m sure this support will help me to raise them” he said.

Hamisi says he will invest the money in the welding profession. All the parents who acquired that support have a common vision, developing their families, taking care of their children and sending them back to school.


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