Joining hands in Ibimina for credit and saving is also part of the secret to development

Mobilizing families on behavior changing is one of the methods used to empower families whose children were on street in order to develop themselves.

Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi says that they found out that most of the problems that push children to go on street are related not only to poverty but also to the mindset and bad behaviors from parents.

Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari started mobilizing parents on behavior change to find solutions to the problems which push children go on street, as most of them are centered in families.

Father Twizeyumuremyi, director of Caritas Kigali says that money is not the only requirement for development, but also behavior change as people cannot develop with bad behaviors.

“This is the reason why Caritas Kigali focuses on changing its beneficiaries’ behaviors and mindset” says Father Twizeyumuremyi.

Caritas Kigali is mobilizing its beneficiaries to create cooperatives, because it found out that joining efforts make them progress quickly.

It has been focusing on saving and credit groups locally known as “Ibimina”, and there are now 200 operating groups. Those groups bring together more than 5000 people who have currently contributed 19.892.326Rwf and provided 29.664.545 loans.

Caritas Kigali is now providing its support through families as sustainable development starts in families.

Caritas Kigali’s activities reach 6000 families, including 380 families whose children were on street. Those families got training on creating small businesses to develop themselves, fighting against malnutrition and conflicts in families, family planning and being responsible parents in their families.

In 2017, Caritas Kigali with its partners invested more than 600 million Rwandan francs to support vulnerable people. Caritas Kigali thanks whoever contributed in those activities.

Trainings on behavior changing have been successful as some parents attest that they feared to develop themselves because of poor mindset. Before they get trained they thought that poor people cannot afford to develop themselves.

Some of Abadacogora-Intwari beneficiaries attest that they no longer live in poverty after those trainings which made them change mindset.

Philomene Nyiragasigwa says that she was a street trader, but after the training she got support and currently sells fruits in Nyabugogo market.

She adds that she afforded to find solutions to most of her family’s problems.

In 2017, Caritas Kigali and its partners supported 3500 children paying their school fees. More than 165 million Rwandan francs were invested in education for those children, 580 among them are former street children.


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