Recommendations on the issue of street children in Kigali City

By the end of 2018 year, on 11th, 17th, 18th, and 19th December 2018, Caritas Kigali organized a campaign of community sensitization on the phenomenon of street children in three District of Kigali city, in collaboration with National Rehabilitation Service (NRS) and Kigali City. This campaign was concluded by a great conference which was a kind of consultative meeting on the same issue and was held in MARASA UMUBANO Hotel on 20th December, 2018. All stakeholders who deal with the street children problems were invited in this conference meeting. The following are the recommendations formulated from this Conference meeting:

Concerned Organs Recommendations Deadline
NRS Conducting research on the causes of vagrancy and the measures to take for sustainable solutions, with all stakeholders giving their contribution to this cause. 2019-2020
Putting in place a smooth coordination of stakeholders’ initiatives and a joint planning whereby different organs take part so as to have a shared work plan. 2018-2019
Advocacy in all organs intervening in addressing the issue of street children so as to combine efforts for its prevention Regularly
Establishment of an Annual Week reserved for the fight against the issue of street children in Rwanda. The week should focus on raising people’s awareness on the fight against the issue of street children with all stakeholders playing their role. Annually
Organizing extra-ordinary training sessions meant for the staff caring for children in rehabilitation centers so as to equip them with the capacity to effectively care for these children since it requires dedication and patience. The training sessions can be organized in conjunction with experts in community mobilization and other stakeholders. Until staff members are fully equipped with the needed skills
Empowering and raising people’s awareness on the Forum of Youth trained by government and private Rehabilitation centers from 1995 to date; by adding to the forum those who are yet to join; and ensuring that forum members meet annually to exchange on the what necessary improvements within rehabilitation centers so that those who are yet to uplift themselves economically may follow in the footsteps of those who have made s considerable progress. 2019-2020
NRS&NCC Elaboration of handouts on the role of parents in properly taking care of their children to prevent them from resorting to vagrancy. The handouts should be given to all the families in Rwanda so as to enable parents to understand their responsibilities in protecting their children from vagrancy and other unbecoming manners. 2020
Local government Tangibly making initiatives geared towards the prevention of vagrancy among children part of planning, performance contracts and budget. Until the issue is considerably alleviated or fully eradicated
Using the “Inshuti z’Umuryango Initiative” (Family Friends) and “Amasibo” (Civic Education groups) to identify children likely to go to streets and talk to their families ahead of time to prevent the children from going to the streets. Until considerable alleviation of the issue
Combining efforts in educating the Rwandan society on accepting and supporting behavior change demonstrated by those released by rehabilitation centers  by reintegrating them through village meetings, amasibo, monthly Umuganda(Community Service) with a view to protect them from possible discrimination. Until the discrimination against rehabilitation graduates is fully eradicated
Rwanda National Police Joining hands with institutions dealing in street children’s issues so as to elaborate the best strategies to round up street children 2019-2020
Religions Elaboration of action plans on family planning and prevention of vagrancy among children  Until considerable alleviation of the issue
Supporting NRS in rehabilitation initiatives and reintegration of those who completed rehabilitation courses, through the construction of more rehabilitation centers so that efforts to counteract vagrancy among children may be multiplied. Putting this in their action plan not later than 2020
Public and Private Rehabilitation Centers Civically training children and reintegrating them into their families basing on the guidelines established by organs in charge (NRS) Regularly
Availing more means to be able to accommodate many street children so that more than 2,800 children identified by NCC findings may be rounded up before long. 2020
Organizing “go back and tell campaigns” so that former rehabilitation trainees may share with those still undergoing rehabilitation the benefits of avoiding bad behaviors. This can significantly contribute to changing children’s mindsets in the rehabilitation centers and speeding up their rehabilitation. 2019 – 2020
All stakeholders Working on the move to support needy families from which some street children come by using their groups so that poverty in those families cannot instigate return to streets after completing rehabilitation courses. Until the issue of vagrancy is considerably alleviated or completely over.


Done at Kigali on 20th December, 2018


On behalf of Caritas Kigali                                                    On behalf of NRS (National Rehabilitation Service)


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