Mrs Delphine de la Vallée, appreciated the step forward made by beneficiaries in terms of development

It was during a follow-up visit on 10th October, 2019 in Ngambi Village, Rwankuba Cell, Rushashi Sector, in Gakenke District.

The «Empowerment dans un Monde en Mouvement program», EMMo in acronym, that she visited is funded by the Belgian Ministry of Development Cooperation in partnership with Caritas International Belgium. Caritas Rwanda, Caritas Kigali and Caritas Byumba supervise the execution of field activities. It is a program that aims at building the capacity of vulnerable households to sustainably improve their wellbeing.

EMMo is being implemented for the third year involving 2,000 beneficiary households located in 2 sectors of Gakenke District (Muhondo and Rushashi) in the Northern Province.

The 2,000 vulnerable households are actively involved in the program’s activities, grouped into different groups: 36 field schools for learning bio-intensive techniques, 11 irrigation groups for vegetable production in both rainy and dry seasons, 2 cooperatives and 7 beekeeping groups which chare skills in apiculture, 32 Savings and Credit Groups associated with entrepreneurship.

Nursing mothers in supervised households participate in nutritional activities and monitoring children’s growth on 24 PNBC sites, which has led to an improvement in the nutritional status of 1,119 children under 5, from the 2,000 beficiary households of the program, including 479 in Muhondo and 640 in Rushashi.

A special feature of the program is that children in supervised households benefit from support to raise small livestock (chickens and rabbits), mainly for learning purpuses and enable them to buy school materials without waiting for their parents’ support.

Delphine DELAVALLEE was accompanied by Edmond MURENZI of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium in Rwanda and was welcomed by EMMo staff, local and ecclesial authorities and the local community in jubilation.

Mrs. Delphine visited the group of Ngambi beekeepers, ABISHYIZEHAMWE, the household of TWIZEYIMANA Jean Claude and BYUKUSENGE Marie, the group of Savings and Credit (GEC) TUZAMURANE and a member of the group, MUKAGASANA Marie Jeanne who has developed a breedingof laying hens

Mrs Delphine de la Vallée, appreciated the step forward made by beneficiaries in terms of development and recognized their supervisors for their good work.


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