Joining hands in Ibimina for credit and saving is also part of the secret to development

People may learn from others who have developed themselves using small capitals.

Some of them are providing testimonies of their journey to development, after they decided to start small businesses.

Aliane Nyirakabanza, 56, from Nyamizi village, Nyabagendwa cell of Rilima sector in Bugesera district, got out of poverty thanks to the loan she got from Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari center.

Nyirakanyana says that many people live in extreme poverty because of fearing to start small businesses that can generate income to enable them get out of poverty.

But those who fear starting small businesses can learn from many others who have developed themselves starting with small capitals.

She is says that her family lived in extreme poverty at the instance that they could only afford to put food on table once a day. She afforded to get herself out of poverty after she embarked on starting a small business.

Nyirakanyana’s poverty was due not only to the fact that she couldn’t feel a self-esteem but also to the fact that she thought that starting businesses requires big capitals.

She then got a 52.000Rwf support in terms of loan that she got from Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari center, and enabled her to get out of poverty.

“Poverty is usually due to lack of self-esteem. Some people think that they do not have means to develop themselves and find themselves being ravaged by extreme poverty” she says.

She says that she invested the money in business and has already generated the income of 500.000Rwf.

She is surviving thanks to the part of incomes generated by her business, and afforded to buy a piece of land of 150.000Rwf that she uses in agricultural activities.

Her activities enabled her to actively participate in informal saving groups locally known as Ibimina where she can make savings every Thursday of the week.

“I save 4.000Rwf in Ikimina every Thursday and remain with money to solve family’s problems, we no longer eat once a day” she adds.

Joining hands in Ibimina for credit and saving is also part of the secret to development.

Kampire Daphrose also is among people who got themselves out of poverty.

She is part of people who were granted support from Abadacogora-Intwari center in terms of loan. She invested the money in pigs breeding while her husband started charcoal business.

They also assure that the self-esteem is one of the way of getting out of poverty, while joining hands together leads to development.

Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, Director of Caritas Kigali says activities targeting their beneficiaries aim at empowering them in order to find a way of getting themselves out of poverty.

The assistance Caritas Kigali offers to its beneficiaries includes mobilizations aiming at make them filling the self-esteem and start small businesses, and mindset changing without forgetting to financially support them.

“You cannot give capital to a person without training them on the way of using it appropriately, this is the reason why we train them to insure they will use it appropriately and get profits” Father Twizeyumuremyi says.

He urges people who are still in extreme poverty to learn more from others who afforded to get themselves out of poverty. Currently, 45 households from Bugesera district get support from Abadacogora-Intwari center to enable them develop themselves.


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