All the tools given to graduates bya Abadacogora-Intwari cost 2.400.000Rwf

Graduates of vocational training schools who benefited support from Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari project say that they will create jobs whereas their colleagues from ordinary schools most of time lack jobs after graduating.

Bosco Mushimiyimana who graduated from TVET Butamwa says he is lucky after as he finished his studies in yielding and Abadacogora-Intwari gave him equipment which will enable him to create job.

“I will not be jobless because I’m going to put into practice what I learnt on school, apart from that they gave me equipment that will help me in creating job” Mushimiyimana says.

Nadine Uwitonze who also graduated in Construction believe that she won’t lack job because she is needed on job market.

She thanks Abadacogora-Intwari which supported him by paying school fees for her, and believe that the skills she has acquired in TVET Butamwa will contribute in improving her welfare.

The Director of Caritas Kigali, Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi says they aim at supporting young people to get skills that will help them to develop themselves.

He states that vocational training schools are solutions to young people who used to graduate from ordinary schools and lack job.

“After rehabilitating children we try our best to send them in vocational training schools to prepare them for the future” says Father Twizeyumuremyi.

He adds that they offer tools to students after they have finished their studies to help them start living their own life.

All the tools given to graduates bya Abadacogora-Intwari cost 2.400.000Rwf.

The Rwanda Workforce Development Authority (WDA) indicates that the government of Rwanda is looking forward to reduce poverty especially within young people. This is the reason why it started the policy of vocational trainings to increase the number of young people able to create jobs to improve their welfare.


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