We enrich them with skills that help them develop themselves after their rehabilitation

Ndayishimiye Egide, 25 years old from Kamonyi District earns his life thanks to the art of painting on textile and posters. He earns more than 200.000 Rwandan francs per month.

He acquired skills from Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari in 2000, after being rehabilitated from street life.

He says that he went on street at the age of 8 in 1998, where he met staff from Abadacogora-Intwari who rehabilitated him from street life.

“I met them while on street and we had conversation. I told them that I was a street child and asked me to follow them. That is how I went in their center” he says.

He was very lucky to meet the center’s staff because he resumed primary studies before he starts learning the Art of painting on textile and posters. He spent one year learning to make stamps, painting on posters and houses.

In 2012 he was sent back in his family, and started to make money thanks to the art of painting.

He couldn’t earn less than 50.000Rwf per month, and thanks to that money he managed to learn how to make decoration and braiding at the instance that he can now earn more than 200.000Rwf per month.

Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, Director of Caritas Kigali says that Abadacogora-Intwari center aims at rehabilitating street children and taking care of them so that they don’t go back on street.

The center support children facilitating them to study and sending them back to their families without forgetting to provide moral and financial support to their families to enable them fulfill their children’s basic needs.

“Our activities are not limited to rehabilitating children from street, we enrich them with skills that help them develop themselves after their rehabilitation” Father Twizeyumuremyi adds.

So far, 15 children have learnt Arts in painting, dancing traditional and modern dances, composition and acting, fashion and modeling and doll making. There are other 122 children who are still learning in this year 2018.


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