Some parents fear to ask for loan, while those who have loans don’t pay appropriately

Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi urges member of “Kwigira” informal groups to improve them in order to develop themselves.

“Kwigira” are credit and saving groups that help parents whose children were on street to develop themselves.

The meeting with those parent aimed at assessing the way “Kwigira” groups locally known as “Ibimina” are contributing in developing poor families.

Some of “Kwigira” groups don’t work properly, reason why Father Twizeyumuremyi urged members to improve them in order to facilitate them in the development process they started.

Caritas Suisse funds Abadacogora-Intwari project which financially supports families to enable them fulfilling their children basic needs.

784 parents are getting support from Caritas Suisse whereas each parent get 48.100Rwf loan. But some parents fear to ask for loan, while those who have loans don’t pay appropriately.

The following decisions were taken during this meeting

  1. Loans will be provided taking into account the way each member is paying back the previous loan. But follow up will continue to assess the way Kwigira group work.
  2. The groups committee will have to follow each member providing report detailing the way loans are being paid back and challenges met by group members which prevented to pay back their loans to look for solutions from Caritas Kigali.
  3. The loans’ interests become “Kwigira” groups’ resources, they don’t go back to Caritas Kigali after a members have finished to pay back their loans.
  4. Kwigira Commitee must organise meeting with street traders to help them find places in different markets.
  5. Before providing loan to a member group, they must have a known working place
  6. Group members will be put in categories basing on the way they use and pay back their loans


There will be three categories

  1. The first category of those who use and pay back loans appropriately
  2. The second category of those who try to use their loans but facing challanges which prevent them to pay appropriately
  3. The third category of members who misuse their loans and don’t pay

The categorization will be made by group committees in collaboration with Caritas Kigali’s staff. They must first of all set criteria that shall be used while categorizing group members, and categorization must not go beyond September.

Group members in the first category will pay back 50% of their loan and remain with 50% as their capital.

Those in the second class will pay back 75% and remain with 25% as their capital. This is to encourage them to improve for them to get chance like members in tha first category.

Members in third category will get more training to encourage them to use their loans appropriately.

The Director of Caritas Kigali, Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi says that whenever Caritas support parents, it is in the objective of helping them develop themselves and progress to fulfill their families’ basic needs including food, insurance scheme, and school fees.


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