Parents were promised that their children have changed

On 27th June 2019, 18 children who were being raised in Nyiragiseke Centre located in Rweru sector, Bugesera District were rehabilitated in their respective families, to continue the rest of their lives in families.

They met their families during ceremonies to celebrate the International Day of the African Child, held in Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari Centre.

“It has been three months since we started looking for those children’s families to welcome them in families” said Valerie Mukagasana, a staff in Abadacogora-Intwari Centre.

She added that they had 93 children in the centre, but during the three month campaign sensitizing families to welcome their children, on 18 families showed willingness to welcome their children.

“Since March we afforded to meet more than 50 families, but it is unfortunate that only few parents accepted to come and meet their children” added Mukagasana.

Even though there are still a long way to go, Mukagasana says that they never get discouraged by the fact that some parents are not willing to welcome their children, adding that when two or three families show willingness to receive their children they praise Lord

When they met their children, every parent were requested to hug his child as a sign bond between children and parents.

Parents were promised that their children have changed, and were ready to go back to their families.

Father Onesphore Ntivuguruzwa representing Catholic Schools in Kigali Archdiocese, requeseted parents to take care of those children to prevent them to go back to street.

Abadacogora-Intwari Centre will continue the campaign to sensitize families to welcome their former street kids, in order to find families for all the children raised in that Centre.


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