There are many factors which make children deciding to run away from their families

Most of street children says that they went on street because of problems in their families.

Ishimwe Shema, 15, from Ibyiringiro village, Ruhanga cell in Rusororo sector, Gasabo district says that he went on street looking for better life, after his parents sent him to his grandmother to be raised by his grandmother who also didn’t have means to raise him.

“I had to drop out from school and find means to make me and my grandmother survive, it is the reason why I went in the city to look for money and food” he says.

Even though he chose to go on street to beg and rob for the betterment of himself and his grandmother, he says he was not lucky because he was caught and sent in Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari rehabilitation center located in Rweru sector, Bugesera district.

He says that he would stay in his family if his parents accepted to raise him instead of sending him to his grandmother. As his parents didn’t raise him he decided to go on street.

His uncle welcomed him when he was sent back in his family, and was happy to see a relative who expressed love to him.

This is not the only child who went on street because of family problems. Another 9 years old known as Gisubizo King says he went on street because of his parents who were always quarreling, adding that they couldn’t even find food for him and his little brother.

Still young, he says that he decided to run away from his family due to his parents’ misunderstandings and everyday quarrels which led to their separation. He adds that nobody could take care of him at the instance that he couldn’t find something to eat.

His mother admits that her irresponsibility made her child to go on street. She says that she felt relieved after staff from Abadacogora-Intwari rehabilitation center told her the whereabouts of her child, and decided to do her best to take care of him once he goes back in the family.

On November 28th 2019, Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, Dorector of Caritas Kigali held discussions with parents whose children were rehabilitated by Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari rehabilitation center.

He told parents their irresponsibility towards children is one of the major causes which push children to on street.

“There are many factors which make children deciding to run away from their families, but all of them are centered to the problems from their families namely drunkenness, quarrelling and domestic violence among other factors that children cannot endure” Father Twizeyumuremyi told parents.

He continued asking parents whether they once think of their children’s future, and whether they know parents’ mission on earth or being proud of their children.

According to him, parents should be happy because their children are healthy, clean and well dressed, and able to feed them and pay school fees for them.

He reminded them that there is nothing good to gain money and not take care of their children. He asked them to fulfill their responsibilities, because if they don’t take care of their children, those children will neither take care of their parents when they get old.


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