Analysts say that parents no longer get time to raise their children as they were used to

Education analysts says that parents are busy struggling for families’ wellbeing and development and no longer assure their children’s educations. This is one of major causes that incite children to go on street looking for their needs satisfaction.

Analysts say that parents no longer get time to raise their children as they were used to. They say that parents, especially mothers were responsible for children’s education for a long time ago. Every parent had an eye on every child even on children who are not theirs.

Nowadays, according to analysts, children are being raised by home maids, and teachers at schools no longer have rights to chastise children as they were used to a long time ago.

Apart from this, parents are busy struggling for their families’ wellbeing and forget to raise their children appropriately.

Athanasie Mukamana says that many children go in cities attracted several things and development in cities, but on the other hand, some other children go in cities because their parents no longer take care of them as they spend all of their time struggling for families’ wellbeing.

“Some parents leave their work to go to study. During the weekend they go to wedding and churches, after that they go to church meetings, on Monday they go back to work and it becomes the normal life to them. They never find time for children” she says.

She suggests more mobilizations calling parents to reconsider their responsibilities to children.

“Parents’ attention was taken by the development that they owe their life. Children’s live has been dedicated to maids, do you know the level of your maid’s education before you leave them responsibility to raise your children?”  She adds.

“Children don’t see you at home, teachers also can no longer chastised them to school due to fear, and your neighbor neither can chastise your child, so what next?”

An official in charge of children rights from the Ministry of gender and family promotion says that the government has its part of responsibility in ensuring children’s education, but parents are the first people to ensure their children’s education.

He adds that the partnership between parents and the government is vital, but parents have to find time for their children.

“No matter how much we are busy working, it is our responsibility to take care of our children if we want a better future for our country. It is obvious that the government has responsibility to insure the best education, but it will not replace the parents. We have to join hands together to raise our country’s children appropriately” he says.

Even though children are not benefiting care from parents as it used to be, they also have to follow rules and norms of society, since some develop bad behaviors because nobody can reprimand them.

This became worse as no parent can dare to chastise children who conduct themselves inappropriately as they fear being accused of violating children’s rights.

Laws protecting children also have gaps that allow some children to conduct themselves inappropriately. They must be an amendment to some of those laws and foresee sanctions where necessary.

Analysts say that most of the time children who were not raised by two parents do not become accountable citizen. But this doesn’t mean that one parent can’t raise children appropriately as analysts say.

Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, the Director of Caritas Kigali look at this problem in two perspectives.

The first cause of delinquency is related to parents who do not accomplish their responsibilities towards children, and children develop bad behaviors as nobody looks after them.

He adds that the fact that parents no longer find time for children due to struggle for the wellbeing of families, impact more on the education of children.

“Imagine you are at home and you are chatting on WhatsApp and viewing latest videos and breaking news, you don’t give time to children. What do you think they will become?” Father Twizeyumuremyi asks.

For some so called rich families, children may start using drugs while others embark on prostitution at an early age and drop out from school.

Children run away from their families due to several problems, but most of time because of poverty. Some parents don’t afford to fulfill their children’s needs, and at some point children decide to run away from families thinking they will live a better life on street.

Father Twizeyumuremyi says that children’s education should be prioritized to ensure a better future.


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