Thy have been trained to clean water for to be reused

Beneficiaries of UKAM beneficiaries have been supported to get the water filtration system in order keep saving water which is the challenges for the population of Ngeruka sector due to long distance made for getting the water.

It is a system which consists of recycling the used or unclean water by using the filtration method, and they become clean and should be used for irrigation especially for the vegetables at the kitchen garden.

The water used for cleaning the dishes, clothes and other households tasks are recuperated and filtrated by using the different local materials and they become useful.  The materials like plastic container of 120 liters and different types of sand are used to facilitate the filtration.

The beneficiary MUREKATETE Claudine from Rubilizi village and NTAKIRUTIMANA Ananias from Karama village have said that the all water used at  the household will be recuperated regularly and recycled then after use them for irrigation of kitchen garden. The vegetables produced will help them and their families to improve the nutrition but also they will sell the extra and get money for covering other household expenses.s

The system use one plastic container of 120 liters which play the role of containing the filtration materials and is connected with the outlet channel ( robinet) for evacuating the clean water. The system use also 4 categories of sand of different dimension. It is in the inside of container where the filtration is carried out.

The big sand for at least 8 mm is primary used for the retaining or holding the pipe (tuyeau) inside in the plastic container. The big sand is placed and superposed inside until they reach the level they cover the horizontal pipe which is placed on 10 cm from the base of container.

The other second dimension of sand of at least 4 mm is also follow the  first one and  its role is to  serve as intermediate between big sand and other levels or dimensions of sands.

It is followed by the third level of sand of at least 1.5 mm to 2 mm which play a role for filtration but also it retains the small sand which should pass or penetrate in the sand through putting the water in the container, it reduces also the speed of water.

The fourth and the last is the smallest sand it is the first level of filtration process. It is that smallest sand which make the filtration.  It retains all the wastes which are in the water but also it purifies the water and become clean. The dirty water becomes clean with the color of purified water.

Sieves:  it covers the smallest sand and their role is to retain the solid wastes and avoid them to be in contact with the smallest sand. The solid materials which are in the unclean water are retained on the sieve.

All the above mentioned 4 categories of sand must be well washed/ cleaned  by using water until they become proper or until it does not change the color after washing.


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