Caritas Kigali will continue to support them by visiting their families

Abadacogora-Intwari center in Rweru sector, Bugesera district has sent back in families 15 children it has been assisting for last six month. They were sent back to families after counselling sessions that made them give up on street life.

Those children were reunited with their families on November 27th 2018, in a ceremony held in Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari center.

Most of the parents who were reunited with their children didn’t know their whereabouts. Both parents and children were caught up in emotions as they were disconnected for at least six months.

Ishimwe Shema, 15, from Gasabo district is raised by his grandmother of 70 years old.

He has spent 9 months in the center located in Rweru sector where he learnt many things including behaviors changing, resisting to family problems and the fact that nothing good comes from life on street.

“I learnt many things but the most important is to have a vision of life because I realized that nothing good comes from life on street” He says.

He assures that he has decided to no longer go back on street, and says that his preoccupation is to prepare a better future by performing well to school.

He adds that he was surprised by the parent from his mother’s family who were sent by his grandmother to welcome him from the center, saying that he didn’t expect such love from him.

The parent who welcomed this young boy is Emmanuel Ngarambe. He says they didn’t know their child’s whereabouts before the center staff start looking for that child’s family.

Ngarambe says that this 15 years old boy was raised by his grandmother, after their parents abandoned him. His wish is to see this young boy going back to school, and want the center to continue providing support to such children so that they don’t go back on street.

Another child, Shami Gisubizo King, 9years old, has spent five months in the center benefiting from sessions of counselling.

He was also reunited with his mother who expressed emotions and presented her apologies to this child saying that she didn’t fulfill her responsibilities of raising him appropriately, something which might have pushed him to go on street.

“My son it is not your fault, the fault is ours as we didn’t fulfill our responsibilities towards you” the mother presented her apologies as saying.

After being reunited to her mother, Shami promised her mother that he will no longer go on street and promised that he will continue studying to prepare a brighter future.

Father Donatien Twizeyumuremyi, director of Caritas Kigali urged parents who were reunited with their children to take care of them and assist them in their everyday life.

He promised to those parents that Caritas Kigali through its center, Abadacogora-Intwari will continue to follow those children’s education and assist them to school.

“It is better to continue raising your children for them to grow with appropriate education learnt from you” Father Twizeyumuremyi is quoted as saying.

He asked parents to send children back to school, and remind them to prevent their children any form of violence by respecting their rights and doing their best to help them to no longer go back on street.

Father Twizeyumuremyi told parents that Caritas Kigali will continue to support them by visiting their families, in order to provide pieces of advice to those children.


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