Abana bafashwa n'ikigo cy'Abadacogora n'Intwari

Former Street children who were sent back in families assure that they changed their behaviors thanks to the education they acquired in a rehabilitation center located in a rural area.

Before being sent back in their families, they spent four months acquiring education and moral support in Caritas Kigali’s Abadacogora-Intwari center which rehabilitated them from street – a center located in Rweru, Bugesera district.

Yves Gakwandi, one of those children says that most of them went on street because of unfavorable life conditions in their families, even though life on street was worse.

“We go on street thinking that we shall live a better life, but the problems we face while on street make us develop bad behaviors”

Gakwandi assures that he afforded to change his bad behaviors after he was rehabilitated in Abadacogora-Intwari center in Rweru sector, Bugesera district.

All the time he spent in the center he was acquiring education which made him realize the positive impact of living in family, the negative effects of using drugs as well as patiently confronting family problems instead of thinking of going to live in cities without means.

After the four months he spent in the center he was sent back in his family where he lives with his mother. He insists that the fact that the center is located in a rural area also enabled him follow the mentorship offered by the center.

He assures that rehabilitating children far from the city help them concentrating on the education offered by the center.

He is not the only child who says that he changed his bad behaviors thanks to the education acquired in this center. Eric Twizeyimana who also spent four months in the center went back in his family after deciding to no longer go on street.

“I will go on street anymore because there is nothing good on street. I will continue living with my mother and studying to prepare my future” He says.

These children’s parents also assure that their children afforded to change their bad behaviors thanks to the education they acquired in Nyiragiseke center.

Theonille Nyiramana says that his child behave appropriately since he was rehabilitated, and assures that his child performs well as he was sent back to school.

The coordinator of Abadacogora-Intwari center, Josiane Mushashi says that children acquire education in the center to prepare them to their future life in families.

Their mentors show those children the negative effects of life on street and the advantages of being raised in families.

The center were set up with the aim to host children from street and enrich them with education which will enable them to choose life in families instead of life on street.

Mushashi says that most of children who were rehabilitated by the center changed their behaviors and managed to stay in their families.


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