She afforded to start a small business which generated money that were spent in improving her life

Members of informal group known as Tuzamurane in Rilima sector, Bugesera district say that they managed to improve their live thanks to the 52.000Rwf that were offered to each member.

Aliane Nyirakabanza, 51, says that she was living in misery before she was given the support, and now assures that it helped her improving her life.

She afforded to start a small business which generated money that were spent in improving her life.

Nyirakabanza work twice a week, every Monday and Wednesday, when the local market convenes. Her business now generates money that enables her to feed her family twice a day, which was not possible before she get the capital.

“We could only eat because I have done farming works for others, but since I was given the capital we buy clothes domestic materials easily, and I can save some money for the future” she says.

She save 1.000Rwf every Thursday and pay back her loan installment of 2.200Rwf every Thursday, and she is about to fully pay back her loan as only 16.900Rwf remains as loan.

Virginie Muhawenimana, 42, is also a member of “Tuzamurane” informal group and were offered a capital of 30.000Rwf. She spent that money buying pigs for breeding and fund her husband to start making embers.

Like her group mate she can save 1.000Rwf per week.

Josiane Mushashi, the coordinator of Abadacogora-Intwari Center says that they bring together these women to teach them to save for the future and use appropriately the support the get.

Tuzamurane informal group comprises 47 members including only two men. They were given a financial support of 2.360.655Rwf.

The center will continue to accompany them teaching them how to develop small projects that can generate money to enable them support each other and develop their families.


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